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Hydrate with food

Eating healthy is so simple.

Spring salad greens, mandarin oranges, cucumber, tomato, and a little dressing. Voila!

I feel the best when I eat foods with water in them. When I am hydrated, I'm happy!

At this time of year I am feeling especially grateful for the foods God created.

I'm so excited about the Spring and Summer produce,  and the wonderful weather!
Til' next time my friends:)


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Simple things

Hello again my friends! Welcome to haiku my heart Friday hosted by the beautiful Rebecca:)
You can discover links to more haiku treasures on her blog @

Here is my offering for today, entitled, "Simple things"

Nature's beauty lives

The breeze refreshes my soul

gratitude abounds

I hope you get to be outside this weekend to enjoy God's magnificent creation!
love & peace,

Wish: a desire or hope for something to happen

How my wishes have changed throughout the years. Of course, when I was younger it was mostly for things. Now, at 41, it's for intangible things: good health, peace in my family, wisdom for raising my daughter, more gratitude, and the list goes on.

I'm new to blogging and the one thing I'm starting to get involved in, is art challenges. The most recent one is on  and the current challenge is to create a piece of art using the theme, "wish". I decided to make a journal page, and here it is:

feeling overwhelmed, this is my wish today

a clear mind to help me think and accomplish all I need to do.

and a strong heart to endure and press on!

Quirky Dutch Summer challenge # 2

The second challenge from Marit,, is to create mail art. I thought of my sister in law, Karen. We don't get to see eachother much because we live in different states, about a 12 hour drive. I knew she would appreciate some bright and colorful cheery mail art. We joke that all we ever get in the mail is bills.

I grew up with 3 older brothers and was quite content with my sibling situation in my childhood.
Then, my oldest brother got married and through the years his wife and I developed a close friendship.
But what's even more special, is that I realized she is the big sister I never had.

through the years
you've been more than a friend
you've been my big sister.

thank you for not judging me and always staying by my side.

thank you for always looking out for me and not being a selfish friend. I like the balance we have and
I know I can count on you.

and I thank God we share the same sense of humor! Thank you for making me l…