Friday, August 17, 2012

whole food goodness

I've been eating more fruits and vegetables for the last 2 months and it has really made a difference!
I've been feeling lighter, more energetic, and my skin has a glow to it. Last night I made zuchini and red peppers over whole wheat cous cous. It was fantastic!

Here's the breakdown:

1)  Saute cut up zuchini and red pepper in a pan with a little olive oil until soft.
2)  while your veggies are cooking, make your whole wheat cous cous.
3)  to the veggies, add sea salt, cracked pepper, dried thyme, and some fresh basil leaves.
4)  put in a bowl over the cous cous and crumble feta cheese.
5)  I recommend adding some chopped up fresh tomato to this dish for moisture, but I didn't have any last night.

And that's it! It was soooo goood!:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

chocolate love

One word can evoke such intense emotions such as desire, pleasure,
joy and sheer bliss.

I've been learning to appreciate food over the last few weeks. Instead of laying on the couch at night with my bag of gummy bears (I will always have a special place for you in my heart little guys), I decided to earn my sweet indulgence.

Once a week or so, I will make a decadant treat from scratch. This time I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I obtained the recipe from the back of the Hershey cocoa box. A little dab of cool whip and a fancy drizzle of Hershey's syrup and I'm good to go.

No more associating food with guilt! I will allow myself to enjoy the occasional sweet. I offer myself chocolate and again I am reminded to take it slow, enjoy the little things in life, and be grateful. Oh, so grateful for my darling chocolate.