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Hi friends! Welcome to haiku my heart Friday hosted by the amazingly talented, Rebecca:) You can find out more on her blog @

Here is my offering for today, entitled, "Reveal"

Something hidden deep

Why can't I find the answer?

Lord, I need your sight.

Be well everyone and enjoy your weekend.
love and peace,


  1. a true provoking haiku today Peg. Love the 'layers' in this.

  2. Awesome photo and contemplative haiku ~~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. With our merely human eyes, we miss so much. It takes God's opening our eyes so that we can truly see.

    Too Early for Crows

  4. i love your haiku...coupling your quest with this photograph teaming with beauty and bright blooming makes me completely assured that not only will you find your are already abundantly, swimmingly, surrounded with spiritual gifts.
    thank you for sharing yours.

  5. Lovely vignette
    ~~words & vision~~
    Know This--->

    Open your focus
    your answer

  6. Ah, to see clearly - the great quest. Great words.

  7. The combination of the photo and the poem is really wonderrful. I love it!

  8. I just returned from an Episcopal memorial service and am contemplating with the flowers......your lovely photo and universal question in the haiku were so meaningful this day...

  9. ...or is it right there on the surface??? Beautiful, thought provoking post!

  10. Maybe it just seems deep coz that's where we search most often? :) Thank you for a very intriguing haiku.

  11. I thank you for coming to my blog and leaving a comment.
    The thought I had instantly as I read your Haiku was to tell you that maybe the answers will come later. All prayers are answered. But all prayers are not answered immediately or with the answer or result you might have been looking for. I think you already know this, but it was just what this post made me think about. Beautful photo.


  12. Most answers come in time, and often when least expected.

  13. Waiting is most difficult. Knowing the answer will come to you at the right moment may help or when least expected as Karen so wisely said. Take care.

  14. When you wake up in the morning I bet the Holy Spirit will reveal to you what you are seeking. Loved your photo and haiku.


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