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Simple things

Hello again my friends! Welcome to haiku my heart Friday hosted by the beautiful Rebecca:)
You can discover links to more haiku treasures on her blog @

Here is my offering for today, entitled, "Simple things"

Nature's beauty lives

The breeze refreshes my soul

gratitude abounds

I hope you get to be outside this weekend to enjoy God's magnificent creation!
love & peace,


  1. That is a beautiful photo. It makes me wonder about simplicity. So simple in its raw form. A lake, the trees, the sun in June. Yet it can be so complicated when I think of the four seasons that got us here on this day, the years it takes for each tree to grow. How we might pollute the Water but the Sacred Earth Mother purifies it for us to use and enjoy, the Sun, steady, rising each day without fail and offering no explanation. Ah, it must be faith that makes it simple and ours to enjoy. Very nice overall.


  2. ...breeze refreshes my soul ~ lovely words and message in your haiku ~ I agree ~ and am grateful ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. Most of nature brings joy, but I do struggle with murky skies....your haiku and photo struck a chord..

  4. Oh, lovely, both photo and haiku!

  5. I love the word abound or any of its variations - rebound, bounding - to name a couple. It's such a lively word.

  6. Peg- The haiku and that serene photo are so great together!

  7. you are stirring memories of the family cabin on the lake...i feel your joy unleashed. just your photograph alone has me jumping off the dock...or preparing the canoe.
    yes, the freeing breeze, the beauty of blue.

  8. I also walked the shores of a beautiful lake this week and felt the breeze in my face...nirvana!

  9. It's the simple things and our awareness of them that make life so delightful to live. Thanks for reminding me.

  10. I could sit on that pier for hours... enjoying the simple things. Love the haiku and photo!

  11. it is so easy to take nature for granted, the sun that warms our day, brightens world, lights the way to another beautiful day; all the various shades of green from trees, grass, leaves purifying our air; the expanse of the blue ocean or here, the lake. your post reminded me to look around and be grateful. thank you. i'm off for a morning walk now. have a lovely weekend.


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