Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quirky Dutch Summer challenge # 2

The second challenge from Marit,, is to create mail art. I thought of my sister in law, Karen. We don't get to see eachother much because we live in different states, about a 12 hour drive. I knew she would appreciate some bright and colorful cheery mail art. We joke that all we ever get in the mail is bills.

I grew up with 3 older brothers and was quite content with my sibling situation in my childhood.
Then, my oldest brother got married and through the years his wife and I developed a close friendship.
But what's even more special, is that I realized she is the big sister I never had.

through the years
you've been more than a friend
you've been my big sister.

thank you for not judging me and always staying by my side.

thank you for always looking out for me and not being a selfish friend. I like the balance we have and
I know I can count on you.

and I thank God we share the same sense of humor! Thank you for making me laugh, especially on days when nothing seems funny. I love you!


  1. Now that's a very special piece for a very special 'big sis' (I have only one brother, and found a 'big sister' in a friend of mine... those are extra special isn't it?) Thanks so much for playing along with Quirky Dutch Summer! (Oh, and I added your bloglink to my faves now so I can't forget you ;) )

    1. thanks Marit! I'm enjoying your challenges and you have a fantastic blog:)

  2. Very nice envelop! Looking great with all the colours.

  3. So glad I stopped by
    What a fantastic and fun piece of mail art
    surely bringing oohs and aahs all along it's journey!