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QDS challenge # 3

I finished my journal page for Marit's Quirky Dutch Summer challenge, word play.
You can find out more about it here:

So, I decided to do "cutting out words". I cut words from a children's science book from the 1950's. It was from the table of contents. I've said it before, it's really amazing how the subconscious works. I'm discovering that I work through a lot of emotion in my journal pages.

When you are "just" a stay at home mom, things may seem very elementary to people. Especially if they are of school age. My, you must have so much time on your hands! What do you do all day? Sit around eating bon-bons? It's such a stereotype.

All I know is I'm always thinking of a thousand things at once and trying to accomplish about a million.
In creating this journal page, I thought it apropro to surround the head of the woman with the many things I think of on a daily basis.
 And it's kinda funny........after I glued the bird, I was kinda mad at him. Like, "you can just fly wherever you're free........what do you have to complain about?!" Can you say, therapy? ok.......feeling a little trapped in the mundane lately. I'll leave the bird alone.
And let me just say, I have really been LOVING to use tape in my journal. I just found this amazing paper tape (the yellow around the image) at Target in the kid's craft section. It comes in a roll of a bunch of colors and it's fantastic! Much different than washi tape, it's a thick paper with adhesive.I also used the insides of some junk mail envelopes (black & white, blue & white). I've been wanting to do that for a long time.
Well, that's about it for now..........hope you enjoy my journal page. Ta ta for now:)


  1. Oh yes... it's amazine how keeping an art journal help us through rough times and allow us to let out emotions... like you, I sometimes discover the emotions later on (not at the moment that I worked on it) and I'm always surprised by that - it's an unconcious and wonderful way to stay sane, isn't it? Your page is fabulous!

  2. So happy I found you over at Marit's Quirky Dutch Summer !

    As a stay at home mom who now has an empty nest I have to say I always felt like I did not have time for a job...never bored always inspired by everything around me! Nowadays I tip my hat additionally to blogging artist moms!!!

    You have me curious about the tape at Target, thanks for sharing that

    I really like your collage a really speaks to me on many levels!

    Playing with words is something I very much enjoy...Marit is such an inspiration isn't she!


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