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Wish: a desire or hope for something to happen

How my wishes have changed throughout the years. Of course, when I was younger it was mostly for things. Now, at 41, it's for intangible things: good health, peace in my family, wisdom for raising my daughter, more gratitude, and the list goes on.

I'm new to blogging and the one thing I'm starting to get involved in, is art challenges. The most recent one is on  and the current challenge is to create a piece of art using the theme, "wish". I decided to make a journal page, and here it is:

feeling overwhelmed, this is my wish today

a clear mind to help me think and accomplish all I need to do.

and a strong heart to endure and press on!


  1. Nice to meet you, Peg. Look forward to all the art you'll be sharing on Inspiration Avenue. I only recently started contributing after deciding I needed to unleash my creative side. Great bunch of people. Welcome. And Hooray!

  2. Nice to meet you too Tamarai:) thank you for your comment. I'm looking forward to the future challenges and seeing everyone's art!

  3. thank you for your submission to my wishes challenge. Your wishes are great.

    Gosh, you're the third blog with word verification!! The new one blogger is using is REALLY hard to read you might want to shut it off, if commenters can't get through they can't leave a comment.

  4. I like your journal page and the deeper sentiment it portrays. And, I agree with Jenn, those word verifications are terrible. I've had my blog for over a year and never used them and never had a spam comment...turning it off is easy and makes leaving comments so much easier!

  5. Hi Peg! I'm glad you decided to share your journal page with us over at IA. Your piece on wishes is very thoughtful.

  6. Your piece on wishes is very thoughtful.

  7. You may be new to blogging, but you met this challenge with poise and grace. How awesome.

  8. Stars and wishes just go together don't they?

  9. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed seeing your journal page.
    I am sending you wishes of peace and fulfillment as you journey forward with your art. Stay Inspired and don't give up time for yourself. Art is healing!!


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