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thought no.1

Stop looking around you, and look inside. That was my thought today as I was walking through the woods this morning. Since I was a child growing up with an alcoholic mother, I was trained to stuff my feelings down. And since it offered temporary pleasure, food helped me to do just that.

Now at 41, I am turning away from the food, a major distraction. I am looking inside my heart.

For years of struggling with "weight loss", I've come to this conclusion. "It" has nothing to do with the food, and nothing to do with the weight.

It's your willingness to peel back the layers and look inside yourself. If you've had a dysfunctional childhood as I did, this will be very painful. But you might also realize that you've come to a point in your life that you want more for yourself. And just because you were born into a family that you didn't choose, and you were shaped in your early years by negative just want more. Because you know there IS more.

I'm not going to say, "don't be afraid, you can do it!" But take a moment and ask yourself, is this what I want for my life? Whatever it is.........your health, your career, your family, where you live, etc.

It's not about looking around, at people for advice, or circumstances.

It's about looking inside and facing the truth about your past and how to break the chains that are holding you back.

"The Lord is my strength and my shield, I've learned I need to trust in Him" -lyrics from Whitecross song


  1. What a beautiful read and how awesome for you to share. I wish you well in all that you do and glad I popped in to read about "Pegskitchenstudio".

    All My Best!

  2. You should add a "follow" gadget so that others can follow your awesome blog. I especially love your pics and the little glass heart, very very cool.

    1. thank you so much for your kind comments, I really appreciate it:)


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