Monday, April 30, 2012

Fresh flowers and my art shop name

A couple of years ago, I created this "fresh flowers" sign. Just the thought of fresh flowers makes me happy and making a sign to remind me of it was a good idea! I had the sign hanging above my living room closet, but I think I'll put it in the kitchen so I see it more. I'm tellin' ya..........we have a small kitchen, more like an alcove. And yet, I'm in that room in our apartment the most.

The name for my etsy shop, "Peg's Kitchen Studio" all started when my husband and I lived in a one bedroom apartment. I had just discovered mixed media in 2007 and we had a 2 year old daughter. Her curious little hands would find their way into everything! So, all of my acrylic paint bottles went onto this little ledge behind the sink. As I bought more supplies like paper, ephemera, etc. they just seemed to be right at home in the kitchen. I think it's because I knew I would be in the kitchen a lot, and I needed to be able to create the moment inspiration struck! I cherish the days I would sit at our small table, look out the window, and paint, cut, and glue til' my hearts content.

Now, we have a 2 bedroom apartment, but the kitchen is significantly smaller. Regardless, my supplies are at my fingertips. And even though we can't fit a table and we don't have a window, I stand and create at the counter!

Here are some fresh flowers in a pitcher that I purchased from one of my favorite local thrift stores. I love thrifting!In the coming days I will share some treasures I have discovered at thrift shops, consignment shops, and The Salvation Army.

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