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Fresh flowers and my art shop name

A couple of years ago, I created this "fresh flowers" sign. Just the thought of fresh flowers makes me happy and making a sign to remind me of it was a good idea! I had the sign hanging above my living room closet, but I think I'll put it in the kitchen so I see it more. I'm tellin' ya..........we have a small kitchen, more like an alcove. And yet, I'm in that room in our apartment the most.

The name for my etsy shop, "Peg's Kitchen Studio" all started when my husband and I lived in a one bedroom apartment. I had just discovered mixed media in 2007 and we had a 2 year old daughter. Her curious little hands would find their way into everything! So, all of my acrylic paint bottles went onto this little ledge behind the sink. As I bought more supplies like paper, ephemera, etc. they just seemed to be right at home in the kitchen. I think it's because I knew I would be in the kitchen a lot, and I needed to be able to create the moment inspiration struck! I cherish the days I would sit at our small table, look out the window, and paint, cut, and glue til' my hearts content.

Now, we have a 2 bedroom apartment, but the kitchen is significantly smaller. Regardless, my supplies are at my fingertips. And even though we can't fit a table and we don't have a window, I stand and create at the counter!

Here are some fresh flowers in a pitcher that I purchased from one of my favorite local thrift stores. I love thrifting!In the coming days I will share some treasures I have discovered at thrift shops, consignment shops, and The Salvation Army.


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Published in Somerset Studio's ART Journaling magazine gallery section Spring 2014!

Great news! Some of my journal pages were selected to be published in one of my favorite magazines..........ART Journaling!!

Stampington & Company is such a wonderful resource for artists who create in many different mediums. You can find this magazine and more on their website @

The first page of the gallery section has little snippets of what you will see in the coming pages. Mine is on the far right (birdies on a branch)

Here is the two page layout.........yay!

I'm so happy with the results!

Here is a closeup of the first page:

I created this page after being outside one day early in the morning. I was watching birds on a branch of this bush and they were so cute, just kinda hanging around. I was feeling overwhelmed by life and that's where the sentiment came from. "Birdies on a branch, how lucky you can just fly away." I wanted to be one of those birds.
The truth that I have learned and accepted in my life by faith is…

I am an artist

I am an artist. But there are blocks of time when I just don't feel like creating.

I just started creating again. I love to alter antique cabinet cards. I think each one has a story to tell. I look at the facial expressions in the photo and listen to what it speaks to me.

Here are a few samples:

This one is called, "no matter the weather". It can be the most beautiful day outside, but if you are's all rain.

The next is called, "she dreams of home".
Oh, how she dreams of home, where she can be a little girl again. And this one is called, "mended memories".

She remembers the past, and the pain she's endured. The Lord has stitched up her heart.........many, many times.

Lately, I have been interested in creating things like I've never done before, like abstract painting and sewing. I will post some of those finished projects soon.

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Keeping it simple

I love healthy food, and lately I've been trying some new things. I am keeping the recipes quick and simple.

Today, I am having a cucumber drizzled with Trader Joe's spicy peanut dressing sprinkled with sesame seeds. Hydrating and yummy!

Healthy food doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. And honestly, when I eat more simple "mini-meals", I feel better because I know they are easily digested.

I don't eat healthy every second of every day, but I am achieving more balance. And today, that's what I'm grateful for.