Sunday, May 6, 2012

oh, to create!

I just finished these folk art bird magnets. I made them with wood hearts, painted with acrylics, used vintage bird images, and antiqued with a walnut stain. I'll be sending them off to a gallery in PA.

So many art projects swirling in my head today. I want to do so many art challenges for magazines and zines, but where's the time?! I guess it's probably the frustration of most artists, unless you do it for a living........I don't know. I love to create. Sometimes if I don't create for a little while, I get crabby. And I'll find I have to just grab something and slap some acrylics on it! Thankfully, I usually have items out that I can grab, otherwise my daughter, husband, and hamster might be in for a treat:)

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