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church memories

I grew up in a Catholic home. I went to church every Sunday morning with my parents and although it provided some spiritual background to my life, there were things that made me ponder. Like, why was everyone smoking on the front lawn after mass? And why didn't anyone seem happy?

I felt it was lacking something. We didn't have a piano or organ, or any other instruments played. Just a cantor, who was really good by the way, and the rest of the congregation singing. I didn't connect everything we did with my relationship to God. I needed to know that the Lord cared most about my heart and not about outward sacrifice.

So, now as an adult I go to a church that is much more expressive in worship, and I like that. As an artist, I love to use vintage and antique items in my art. I find that I am particularly drawn to catholic statues, rosaries, and other items with a catholic undertone. I guess in a way, it's comforting.

Even though there were certain things I found to be mundane, Good Friday was something else. At the evening service, the entire congregation would walk around the outside of the church. Each person held a lit candle, and we walked in silence. The only sound was of an alter boy that had these small wood board things that when you raised them, and then lowered them, it was supposed to mimick the sound of the nails going into Jesus's hands. The other sound I remember was the priests incense holder. It was attatched to a chain and it would open and close as he swung it, like a small cymbal sound.

I came across this beautiful shrine of Mary and baby Jesus. I love the gold paint and the angels on the sides. You can see more photos on my vintage shop,

I have to say that the icons, shrines, and other catholic art is something that I find truly beautiful.


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Published in Somerset Studio's ART Journaling magazine gallery section Spring 2014!

Great news! Some of my journal pages were selected to be published in one of my favorite magazines..........ART Journaling!!

Stampington & Company is such a wonderful resource for artists who create in many different mediums. You can find this magazine and more on their website @

The first page of the gallery section has little snippets of what you will see in the coming pages. Mine is on the far right (birdies on a branch)

Here is the two page layout.........yay!

I'm so happy with the results!

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I don't know, I get frustrated because I don't have a studio, and I want one so bad. Yes, my etsy shop is Peg's Kitchen Studio and it all started out that way, but it ain't easy, I'll tell ya that. Especially since the kitchen in my other apartment was bigger and now I have, well, it's more like an alcove. Yet, somehow I find myself creating in it. 
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real gratitude

I live in an apartment.

I went for a walk today around town. I looked at all of the beautiful houses and thought, "I hope these people appreciate what they have! If I had a house and property like this, I would be so grateful!"

Then a still small voice said, "Are you grateful now?"

Tears welling up in my eyes, I thought, I used to be.

Maybe it's watching tv, looking at what everyone else has that has tainted my heart.

The Lord is so good. So patient. So loving.

He gently reminded me of all of the good things I DO have.

And then I thought.......I want to be grateful in every circumstance. Not WHEN I have a house, or lose weight, or anything. Right now I am this my heart.

A peace washed over me, like only God can do.

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