Thursday, May 17, 2012

As promised.............

Yesterday I mentioned how I use to colorize black & white photos with food coloring. I wrote an article back in 2007 for Artitudezine and here is what it looks like:

The bride on the left of the page is my mom and the sailor on the postcard is my father. Both have passed away at fairly young ages (59, 60) and I miss them very much. I was so happy to include them in this article. I only wish they could of seen it. The bottom two pieces of art were made using food coloring. And the top two pieces of art were used with window envelopes from junk mail.

I also created an assemblage called, "awaken" which was printed in the gallery section of the magazine.

My thought process behind this piece was about my childhood. The message, "awaken the nest" means awaken your thinking about your childhood and realize how it has affected who you are today. I know a lot of people say "the past is the past", but sometimes I feel like I spend a lot of time untying the emotional knots that were made in my youth.

This is the cover of the Artitude zine issue and I believe you can contact the creator Suz, if you are interested in purchasing back issues @

I will be back in a day or two with a journal page that I just finished. Ta ta for now friends:)

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